EH Utara began operations in 1975 as a small trading company, and has since evolved into one of ASEAN’s largest logistics providers, offering full logistics services with smooth transitions and superior tracking systems.

We have devised a one-stop logistics solution to ensure cargo is delivered safely and efficiently. Our focus on seamless connectivity, technology integration, and unparalleled experience in cross-border haulage have been the cornerstones of our continuous growth, culminating in our reputation as one of the ASEAN region’s highest-quality logistics providers.

Our offices in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China provide warehousing, land freights and distribution services. Coupled with our professional, dedicated staff and reliable, leading-edge proprietary technology, we ensure smooth and efficient logistics for all cross-border and domestic transactions.

Company History


Kedah beginnings

We began as a perishable trading business known as Eng Huat Trading
Company, based in Kedah.


UFA Utara was born

EH Utara Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and UFA Utara Forwarding Agency Sdn Bhd were born, linking Malaysia-Thailand transport, smooth custom brokerage and one-stop logistics solutions.


Our first truck driver

Datuk Lim Kim Pao, the founder of EH Utara, took the wheel – both figuratively and physically – driving the company’s first haulage truck, personally.


Joint venture

A joint venture was formed between EH Utara Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and Southern Mahachai Thai Co. Ltd., enhancing our Cross Border Logistics Services.


Expanding to Thailand

We pursued a joint venture in Port Klang alongside the launch of our inbound and outbound Thailand-Penang shipments.


Growth in Port Klang

E.H. Utara Holdings Sdn. Bhd.’s shares in Port Klang significantly increased.


Acquired land in Shah Alam

We invested in land in Shah Alam, strengthening our company’s infrastructure.


Full logistic solutions

Our company embraced globalisation, and started offering full logistics solutions: land freight, warehouses and distribution.


Introduced air services

EHU Global Logistics System Sdn. Bhd., EH Total Logistics Solution Sdn. Bhd. and Virtual Air Services Sdn. Bhd were founded.


Forming alliances

EH Utara Holdings Sdn. Bhd. formed an alliance with Fukuyama Tranporting Co. Ltd., opening up opportunities for the future.


Expanding to China

Our network expanded beyond Thai borders into Indochina and China.


Growing market share

E.H Utara Holdings Sdn. Bhd. continues to expand its market share.




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